Austrian Singer-Songwriter Køleen has been passionate about music since her early childhood.  Inspired by her experiences in the school choir, in singing lessons and in the school band, she started writing poems and then her own songs. In her spare time, she loves to travel with her foldable guitar and lets herself be inspired by nature, where she writes lyrics and melodies for upcoming songs. That is the secret to her very unique Køleen sound; Indie- Pop with funky vibes. As a child she started to realize the deep attraction that the forest had on her. She was especially interested in insects, stones and plants and collected a multitude of things that she found. Her father was a forest manager and used to frequently take her with him into the woods. Motivated by these outings Køleen also decided to study forestry and became one of a small number of female foresters in Austria. The redhaired singer-songwriter describes herself as a person who is very close to nature, empathic with a very positive approach to life. She loves to emphasize this with her individual retro-outfits. During a wedding she got to know the Austrian producer Cohen Yusha (Trippie Redd, Kristian Kostov, MOUNT etc.). This was the beginning of an inspiring cooperation and special friendship. Their first studio sessions took place in Cohen’s new studio, which was still under construction at that time. They took all the time they needed to create Køleen‘s sound, being inspired by various musical influences.

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